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Blocks to Love Worksheet

Our relationship with others starts with our relationship to self. So let us begin with YOU! The divorce process can be a transformative journey back to self if you let it. Once you really know who you are, then love, honor, and respect yourself, your confidence will grow and the choices you make in love and dating partners will change too. In this worksheet, you are being asked to look in the mirror. How are you showing up to love? Are you getting in your own way? What limiting beliefs, blocks, fears, expectations, or assumptions do you make that are holding you back from a truly beautiful experience and a chance to deeply connect with another on an intimate level?

My first question I ask you is…. How do you want to show up? Start there and remember it whenever you start to get off track or things get hard. Let this be your go to, your point of center. Be SOLID in who you are and how you want to show up no matter what happens.

1. What are my blocks to love? How have I sabotaged or gotten in my own way in the past?

2. What am I afraid of? Where does that fear come from? How true is that fear? How do I show up when I approach love in that mindset? How can I look at it differently? In a more open and carefree way? How can I show up differently?

3. What is the belief or story you have in your head about love and how has it gotten in your way? Rewrite that story for yourself to be more positive. Reframe the thoughts or beliefs that come up from a negative to a positive (ex.: I am not worthy of love to I am worthy of love).

4. Can you find any patterns in your relationships that have not served you? Where did those patterns start? How can you change them going forward?

5. What is one thing you learned about yourself? How can you apply what you’ve learned to show up differently in dating? What is one action step you can take to change your dating experience?

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