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You can't really love yourself until you know yourself.  It is my goal to empower people to be happier and live more fulfilling lives!  CORE is a workshop that will help you look at what you think and feel and how this impacts how you show up in everything you do.  We will lean in to see if the things that are important to you are actually how you are living your life and help bring awareness around who you really are at the CORE and how to take steps to live more accordingly!  We will tap into that inner child and focus on memories.  It will be a fun, hands-on, participatory workshop; so come ready to dig deep and see what's inside!!


"I knew it would be meaningful and it was!"

"It helped me open up with feelings!  I would recommend this to other guys, especially, as we are not good at expressing feelings and opening up!"

"I was apprehensive, but it was very helpful!!  Thank you!"

I have attended one CORE Workshop.  The goal of the workshop is to "lean in to see the things that are important to you and to take steps to live more accordingly." 


Easier said than done - right?  But this first workshop really dives into this concept with exercises, group discussions, and Tammy's amazing wisdom and insight.   


In the workshop, I was able to see my 5 year old self and feel the joy and freedom of that child.  Tammy also helped me see that my strong desire for connection was evident even at that age.  

The CORE workshop creates a safe, thought-provoking environment in which people feel comfortable and willing to share their own stories and discoveries.  I learned much from being able to be a part of this. 

I have personally seen Tammy explore what is important to her and then to take incredibly brave steps to pursue those things.  She is a great facilitator of this process because she lives it.

I only wish my first workshop would have been longer.  I feel like we only scratched the surface of the discoveries we could make.  I am eager to take the next workshop.

Julie Muessel

"I loved the hands-on activities Tammy invited us to do in CORE.  They were creative, motivating, and helped me process the information we were learning. Although I did not know any of the other participants, Tammy made everyone feel welcomed and “heard”, which created a very supportive and comfortable atmosphere. I highly recommend CORE if you are wanting to engage in self-exploration in a safe and thought-provoking environment."

J. McQuillen


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