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I would like to share my experience with Tammy Oswald while dealing with the aftermath of Divorce.
I was married for 32 years, the marriage was basically two people living together that really didn't like each other.  The thought of divorce was very scary being my ex wife took care of all the bills and made sure everything was paid.  I worked and she was a house wife (her choice).  Once my daughter moved out I filed for divorce.  I stayed in the marriage because I didn't want to be a part time father.  Once I was divorced I felt a freedom of not being in a loveless marriage and pretending like everything was good.  After a few months, I really started feeling guilty aboutdivorcing my wife of 32 years, started second guessing my decision.  Was it really that bad?  What could I have done to make things better?  Just feeling really guilty that I failed!  I reached out to Tammy and was very reluctant at first, I'm not used to sharing my feelings with people, especially a stranger.  The first couple of sessions I really didn't open up too much, maybe didn't want to get judged, or just plain old embarrassment.  Tammy was very patient, she didn't pressure me, she just listened.  She let me express myself and would ask me things that really made me think.  It wasn't what I expected at all.  It wasn't a "oh this wasn't your fault poor baby" it was down to earth.  Tammy got me to stop feeling guilty and start enjoying life.  
Tammy has real life experiences that I could relate to and she will ask you to dig deep and set goals.  I have learned a lot and most importantly I have learned to forgive myself.  I recommend Tammy to anyone going through a divorce.  I also learned that it's ok to get help, doesn't mean you're weak, just means you want to get answers.
Leonard Mertz

Leonard Mertz

Client Testimonials

In the past few years, I have needed to establish some significant relationship boundaries in my life.  Tammy has walked alongside me in this process.  Her insight, wisdom and genuine interest in my progress have been invaluable to me.  She has guided me to recognize my need for boundaries and together we have crafted strategies that have been very effective.  When I am faced with a new opportunity to further develop my skills, she is there to help me explore new ways to be successful.  Even when I am not working directly with her, many times her insights will surface in my spirit and they will help me to move ahead.  The work I have done with Tammy has improved the quality of my relationships and enriched my life.  She is a treasure.

Julie M.

Tammy was able to pick up quickly on topics very deep to correlate it with some insecurities.  She has a great way in sensing what people are struggling with which can be from her years of experience.  Her professionalism and insight are impressive!  I can tell that this is her calling.


I have experienced childhood trauma, as well as loss as an adult; and while I have done extensive therapy in the past, I also currently utilize Tammy's services.  She has guided me through moments of self-doubt, triggers, and insecurities to identify the root cause and how to process it and heal through them.  Tammy meets me where I am at emotionally and sits in it with me, which makes me feel as if I am not alone and that what and/or how I am feeling is normal.  The direction she takes me in to help me choose a course of action for processing and healing is tailored to where I am at emotionally in that moment and feels very personal to me, not as if it is coming out of a textbook.  Her support, genuineness, and authenticity is such a gift!


I've worked with Tammy for almost a year, and it's something I look forward to every week or two.  I started working with her because I needed to take charge of my health, start a regular workout routine and eat better, but she's also been my constant support, accountability partner, and cheer leader while I started a business.  She helped me work through a lot of blocks that were holding me back.  Every time I encounter a fear that's blocking my progress, she digs deep until we find the true reason.  She makes me feel safe and heard.  Her holistic approach to health and wellness means that our work has been around all aspects of my life.  As a result, I am now more confident, happier, and in better shape.  I would highly recommend Tammy's coaching to anyone who needs guidance in any area of life.

E. Cody
Nashville, TN

Client Testimonials

"Thanks for your guidance!  I appreciate it!"  AG

"When I am sharing with you, you always are present with me.  I have your full, undivided attention." - JM, Omaha

"Tammy is attentive, wise, compassionate, interested, open, authentic, trustworthy, generous, skilled, thoughtful and discerning." - J

"Thank you for walking through the processing of that and for giving me the space to let out my emotions.  I am so thankful for you!"  - CR

"Thank you for supporting me as I navigate the crazy moments, especially lately!" - RR

"Tammy is compassionate, authentic/real, accepting and guiding!" - C

"I would not have done today had you not kept me accountable!" - BG


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