Client Testimonials

In the past few years, I have needed to establish some significant relationship boundaries in my life.  Tammy has walked alongside me in this process.  Her insight, wisdom and genuine interest in my progress have been invaluable to me.  She has guided me to recognize my need for boundaries and together we have crafted strategies that have been very effective.  When I am faced with a new opportunity to further develop my skills, she is there to help me explore new ways to be successful.  Even when I am not working directly with her, many times her insights will surface in my spirit and they will help me to move ahead.  The work I have done with Tammy has improved the quality of my relationships and enriched my life.  She is a treasure.

Julie M.

Tammy was able to pick up quickly on topics very deep to correlate it with some insecurities.  She has a great way in sensing what people are struggling with which can be from her years of experience.  Her professionalism and insight are impressive!  I can tell that this is her calling.