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This is me!

Overcomer Extraordinaire, Total Wellness Junkie, Lifelong Learner & Cheerleader for all!

That pretty much sums up why I am here.  With a background in social work for over 26 years and a long history of life lessons that literally have knocked me off my feet, I have come to appreciate what it takes to not only adjust when life throws us a curveball, but to learn the lessons and transform who you are, and then..... finally..... get to a place of THRIVING!  Now I want to give back and share what I have learned along the way, both personally and professionally, and help others to get there too.  Coaching helped me when I needed it, when I went through my divorce and even afterward as the ripple effects don't end when the order is signed.  It also has helped me when my health took a dive out of nowhere and kept me on track with my personal goals while going through the fear and frustration of testing and living in the limbo as I waited to learn the results and my fate.  This is why it is my passion to help others go from surviving to thriving as they progress through difficult life transitions, including but not limited to the divorce process, and beyond...focusing on wellness in ALL aspects of their lives, and helping them reach their full potential!

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