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ELI Assessment & Debrief

(A 90-minute Debrief Session to discuss the results of the assessment & identify goals)

When life throws us curveballs, it can stop us in our tracks... or completely knock us off our feet. We might find ourselves needing a minute to process what is happening, to let our brains catch up and make sense of it before we are ready to accept it and eventually make changes to adapt and figure out where to go from here. In that process of change, we learn lessons about ourselves and about others and about life (if we are willing to look for them). We can use those lessons to grow and transform ourselves and our lives, or we can choose to sit in a place of being a victim or angry and stay stuck there, letting that be the focus or the filter which we use to look at the world around us. These are the moments that define us. Who we are. How we show up when things get tough. They are at the core of how we go forward and get to a place of not only adapting, but thriving in all areas of our lives. Or they drive how we stay stuck where we are, being unhappy, doubtful or fearful and unable to see how it could change. Only being able to see all of the reasons why we CAN'T ever get out of where we are. If you find yourself here and want to know how to move forward, I would love to help. I have an assessment we can use to see where you are at and where you might be getting stuck so we can shift that filter and how you show up in your life, not only in the current situation that might be causing you stress, but in other areas of your life. It’s called the ELI (Energy Leadership Index) and it can really show you a lot about yourself. How you are on a good day versus those moments that knock you off your feet. It helps us to have a starting point to move you forward and change your mindset about yourself and your life.  This will assist with your transformation into a place of THRIVING!!


ELI Assessment Debrief & follow up

Includes the 90-minute Debrief Session plus a (1 hour) coaching session

ELI Assessment Coaching Package

Includes the 90-minute Debrief Session plus ongoing (1 hour) coaching sessions.  The number of sessions will be determined by coach & client & based on needs.

Certified Professional Coach Package (Coaching Only)

Ongoing (1 hour) coaching sessions to include Individual or Couples Sessions (Does NOT include Assessment.)

Coaching sessions occur in person at the Restorative Oasis Energy and Wellness Center in Elkhorn, Nebraska.  The benefits of the Energy Enhancement System in the building can be felt by clients who choose to meet there.  Please visit the Restorative Oasis website for more information on how this could be advantageous to you.  If outside the Omaha metropolitan area or if you do not wish to meet in person, other options for sessions include phone and Zoom.  It all starts with a 30-minute complimentary consultation to determine the right fit and how I can help you best.  If you are ready to start the journey, please click the button below to schedule a time to meet.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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